"99" (demo)

by Dave Rayburn

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Part 9 of my 12-part songwriting homework assignment entitled "The Garage Demos". One song per month (written, recorded, and released in demo form), created within the environment of an iPad using the GarageBand application. A combination of live instrumentation as well as loops and samples will be used to present twelve new songs over the course of twelve months. Each song will be presented as a "demo", and may or may not reflect the direction where the song will eventually go. Ideally, these songs will be a blueprint for what I hope will be my proper sophomore studio album, following 2012's "Phases".

This song was an idea I had been carrying around for a few years. As a kid, I was always under the spell of Agent "99" from TV's "Get Smart". An early Hollywood crush, Barbara Feldon always exuded a very special appeal to me. Of course, I was too young to have seen this show during its initial run, but always managed to catch re-runs while growing up. A couple years ago, I managed to catch an episode that I had never seen... and it serves as the basis for this song. "The Impossible Mission" was the first episode of the fourth season of the show. Trapped... with agents closing in... Max finally admits his love for his long-doting sidekick. Coming from a show that was always full of comedic slapstick and sight gags... this scene with “86” and “99” nearly brings me to tears every time.

Lyrically, this song comes from agent Maxwell Smart's perspective in that very scene. I present it to you today (March 12, 2015)... on the 82nd birthday of the lovely Barbara Feldon. Hope you like it!


Keep your heart where I can see it
And no one here gets hurt
And if asked about your motive
Grab the sleeve upon my shirt

Should we ever lose control
Chaos may confine
But I am only one without you
One without you, 99

Escape would be so simple
With that sideways tilted stare
It can occupy the shadows
And silence all who dare

But when both sides of the undertaking
Start to cross that line
I am only one without you
One without you, 99

Would you believe it if I told you
The truth lay in your eyes
And if not for lacking vision
I'd soon be getting wise

They'll be seeking your surrender
But first I'll give you mine
For I am only one without you
One without you, 99

I am only one without you
One without you, 99

I am only one without you
One without you, 99


released March 12, 2015
Dave Rayburn - vocals, electric guitars, programming

The cover art for this single was created by Dave Rayburn
and Northern California graphic artist Zack Flavin.



all rights reserved


Dave Rayburn Yorba Linda, California

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